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Flat tempered glass , is a safety glass that is obtained through a heat treatment that consists of heating the glass to a temperature slightly lower than its softening and then cooling it suddenly by air jets cold. The tempering treatment gives the glass greater resistance to mechanical stresses (bending, shock ...) and thermal stresses (temperature differences), without altering the spectrophotometric properties of the base product.

Thermally toughened glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration, and must meet all the requirements of the EN 12150 standard. If it breaks, it does so in relatively small fragments, which would not cause serious injuries. This type of glass is intended for glazing in general and security, for example, sliding doors, entrances of buildings, bath and shower screens, interior divisions.


Laminated glass is the result of the permanent joining of two or more sheets of glass with one or more intermediate layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) by heat and pressure. The glass and the intermediate layers (intercalario) offer a great variety of colors and thicknesses destined to fulfill the norms and requirements of the construction. Laminated glass can break, but fragments usually adhere to the plastic layer (PVB) and remain largely intact, which reduces the risk of injury.

Laminated glass is considered a "safety glass" because it meets the requirements established in the different European laws and standards for construction. Heat-strengthened glass and tempered glass can be incorporated into laminated glass units to further strengthen the impact resistance. The protection against shock waves of bombs, acoustic attenuation and bulletproof or safety protection are the main uses of laminated glass.

The glass combinations are available to the customer's needs ranging from laminated glass 3 + 3 mm to a multilaminate (guard against bullets)

We also have the opportunity to let the imagination fly because without light, color would not exist. Therefore, it is perfect that modern design trends continue to add color to glass. Vanceva® colors by Saflex® offer architects and designers a dynamic color palette to exhibit color in their glazing designs. By producing a wide range of colors and shades that were impossible to obtain through glass inventory selections, Vanceva® color by Saflex gives architects and designers greater creative freedom than ever with glass .


Insulated glass or also called hermetic glass, is a prefabricated product composed of two crystals separated by a dry air chamber, still and sealed.

It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. The sealing of the assembly is ensured by a perimeter seal with butyl on the separator.

Its main function is the thermal control by means of the suitable selection of the glass that composes the piece, also it is possible to reach along with an excellent thermal isolation, a level of moderate acoustic isolation, for it it is recommended the use of the "laminated" glass in one of the cloths that make up the piece.


- UVA, DVH, UVI, Acoustic Thermos.
- Reduces the gain and / or heat loss through the window.
- Provides acoustic comfort
- Thermal and Solar Control.
- Widely used in Architectural applications.

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El vidrio serigrafiado and TECESA paint offers designers a variety of options offering safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Creating original and exclusive designs while maintaining solar control and security levels.

Our serigraphed and painted glass is produced through automated machinery with numerical control that results in an excellent homogeneous finish.


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Technical Considerations

Digital Printing
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Digital printing on glass is a unique printing technology that allows different ranges of architectural design as well in fields of application for multifunctional flat glass. Regardless of the size of the panel and quantity the printing process, it can be adapted to the special needs of the client's requirements.

Digital printing has individual color variants for interior and exterior design. You can freely decide if you want to print from a photograph to a high quality vector design.

The objective is to provide our customers and potential buyers with the best possible information about this technology and its opportunities in terms of application.

The allocation of information about data provision and image processing is important since we want you to have the best result with the best possible quality.


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